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Doulton Water Filters (SG) - Britain Premium Brand Since 1826

Refill - Showerhead Filter - Twin pack!

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What's in the box?

  • replacement cartridges for Doulton shower head filters

refill for Doulton® Filtered Water Shower Head

  • Enjoy a better showering experience.

Doulton® is the name that you can trust in water filtration.

Your shower filter is designed to remove unwanted chlorine and particles from your shower water. Protecting your hair and skin from harsh chemicals.

Discover the Doulton® difference with our Shower Head Filter and enjoy a better showering experience.

The Doulton® Shower Head Filter significantly reduces chlorine and sediment in your shower water*.


  • Contains a dual filter system – that reduces chlorine and sediment in your shower water.
  • Our filter provides 8000 liters capacity which equates to approximately 2 months for a family of four.**

    Shower Filter Cartridge

    • Minimum Recommended Flow Rate 2L/min****
    • Water Supply Municipal
    • Pressure 0.5 – 5.5 Bar operating pressure***
    • Temperature 5-50°C
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    • FREE delivery islandwide via Qxpress with tracking id.
    • You can addon, adhoc-one-time, onsite installation, at your last checkout page.
    • Rate: Countertop System: S$100 / Undersimk System: S$150.
    • International customer's FEDEX fee applies.
    Why "Doulton" filtered water?

    Drinking fresh water improves immunity, allows better digestion, increased sports performance, less fatigue and supports a more efficient, healthy body. When your water tastes as great as Doulton filtered, it’s easy to drink enough to stay healthy.


    We proudly export water filters to over 140 countries, saving thousands of lives every year from our home in Staffordshire at the heart of Britain’s pottery industry.


    Almost 200 years of continuous technical improvements to the water filter we launched in 1826, make Doulton filters the ones to rely on.


    Made from natural materials, our ceramic filters provide up to 99.99% filtration of bacteria, sediment, chlorine, limescale, heavy metals (including lead) and microplastics.


    Drink clear, mineral-rich water to support optimum health at all ages. We retain the healthy minerals that naturally occur within your water supply.


    Your Doulton water filter systems will work without power and cost nothing in electricity to run. 


    All the water we filter is drinkable - it is safe to drink and it tastes great! We won’t waste a drop.

    Refill - Showerhead Filter - Twin pack!
    Refill - Showerhead Filter - Twin pack!
    Refill - Showerhead Filter - Twin pack!
    Refill - Showerhead Filter - Twin pack!
    Refill - Showerhead Filter - Twin pack!